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Is Your Cell Phone Compromising Your Family’s Security?

If you could set aside a small percentage of your income each month in order to take care of the needs of your family for the rest of their lives in the event of a tragedy, then why don’t you?

Most Americans do not have enough life insurance; many have none at all. WHY?  According to research, the most common reason given is competing financial factors and the second is that they believe they can’t afford it.

According to LIMRA’s Life Insurance Barometer Study in 2013, 85% of consumers agree that most people need life insurance, yet only 62% actually have it.  WHERE’S THE DISCONNECT?

A similar study produced the following results:

  • 83% of consumers say they don’t purchase more life insurance because it’s too expensive, yet they are under the assumption that life insurance costs 3 TIMES the actual amount.
  • $600 – What most Americans believe a 20-year, $250,000 level term life insurance policy will cost annually for a healthy 30 year old
  • $200 – what it would actually cost

For $10 to $20 a month, you could protect your family in the event of tragedy and provide the funds needed to take care of burial costs, medical bills, pay off debts, and even provide for their future education.

If you’re still not convinced you can afford it, that you need to afford it, here’s one last statistic.

  • $78 – The average cost for a monthly individual cell phone plan in 2010
  • $148 – The average cost last year!

We find ways to afford what matters to us.

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