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Why Should I Be Your Agent?

I’m local.  I live and work in central Louisiana.  I own businesses here.  I worship here.  I coach here.  Not only am I local, but our claims agency is too.  If something happens to your home or car and you need advice, help, of a claims adjuster, we can help you right away.  In fact, all of my clients have my cell phone number and can access me at any time.

I understand.  Because I own businesses here, I understand what it’s like to pay heavy premiums, but I also understand the value in it.  I possess every type of insurance that I advise my clients to have, and because I have both personal and business experience with insurance, I can show you several different ways to save money and protect what’s important without depleting your safety net.

I want to serve you.  Your business is important to me.  I will do my best to ensure your family and possessions are protected.  My goal for all of my clients is for them to understand how much coverage they have, how much coverage they need, and how we can bridge the gap in a way that is feasible and sustainable.  Has your agent fully explained those things to you?  I’d like to!

Give me a call, email me, or visit my website.

Lance Lopez


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