Life Insurance

There is a policy out there for everyone, no matter your level of income.

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company offers both permanent and term life insurance policies and a wide range of other insurance coverages. We customize a plan for you based on age, marital status, employment, etc. You can click here to determine the amount of coverage you need by filling out our Needs Analysis form.  If you are interested in obtaining a quote, the quickest way to do so is through contacting Lance directly or clicking on the “request a quote” link. 

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent  life insurance helps your family prepare for the unexpected.  The policy pays a death benefit no matter when you die – unlike a term policy, which pays a death benefit only during the term of your policy.  It builds tax-deferred cash value against which the policy owner can borrow funds, or in some instances, the owner can withdraw the cash value to use for a family’s future needs. 
  • Lifetime coverage with cash value
  • Wealth accumulation and protection
  • Guaranteed death benefit
  • Borrowing options

Short Term Insurance

Term life insurance offers protection for your family for a specific number of years – a term.  It is often more affordable because it is designed to cover short-term debt and needs verses long term financial goals.  You can maximize your coverage at a very affordable monthly rate.  The benefit will expire once the term has reached its end and there is no additional cash benefit associated with it at that point.
  • Affordable coverage for a period of time
  • Wealth protection
  • Guaranteed death benefit
  • No cash value/borrowing options

How much Life Insurance do I need?

Let us help you determine the right amount of coverage you need based on your income, marital status age, etc. We have a policy out there for almost everyone. Click below to see how much you need.


How much is life insurance?
Likely, less than you think.  We do a custom needs analysis to determine how much you need based on your income level.  Some of our policies provide maximum coverage at a very minimal cost.
What is life insurance used for?
Replacing lost income. We recommend up to ten times your regular income. Paying off a mortgage or a business loan. Debt repayment, credit cards, car loans, etc. Maintain a standard of living. Burial expenses. Estate planning and college.

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